Yellowstone's Final Installment.

Old Faithful Lodge

Afro Bison!  Nice bed-head.

It is unlawful to leave the path.

Fumerols creating steam that froze and created this awesome snow drift.

Reflection of clouds near Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic bacterial mats with litter from a visitor.  Can you find the debris?

Random couple..... good shot.

This post had a lot of photos.  There are a lot that were good to share.  This was a well needed trip with family and was a wonderful time had by all.  Everyone's favorite memory was by far Castle Geyser.  My most fond memory was the Grizzly Bear.  All of my childhood I have wanted to see a bear in Yellowstone, and finally I was able!  Thank you to Ken Ockler for loaning me all of his camera gear.  Thank you to my loving wife for being such a trooper and supporting me in my passion for photography.  I hope you all enjoy the photos from this trip.  Keep watching because there are more trips yet to come!

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