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Session Details:
We would like to set up a consultation to meet with you and book your session.  Your personality differs from that of others, we want to get to know you so that we may bring this out in our work.  Half of the fees are due at the time of the booking and the other half the day of the session.  For weddings, half is due at the booking and the other half is due 3 days before the event.  Fees cover the photographers time and talent both at the event and through out the editing process.  Cash or check are gratefully accepted.

What to Wear:
We encourage you to wear clothing that represents you and your personality.  Comfort is key to a good photo.  If you are comfortable we can do better work together.  A more traditional approach is also welcome.  Please dress for the occasion and season.

Most of our locations are outdoors.  We can shoot indoors and your home is a great location for a more natural look to your setting.  Natural light is almost always preferred.

We are very flexible and strive to be easy to work with.  We love and encourage feedback.  This life is all a big learning experience and we are far from perfect.  Please be patient with us as we make your photos as perfect as possible.


All Prices Are Negotiable
Weddings $450
This special day of two people being united as husband and wife should be cherished. We look forward to capturing the smiles, laughter, tears, and kisses of your happiest day. We will sneak many candid shots and will pay special attention to you on your day. As the day progresses we will be unobtrusive allowing the celebration to continue. Group shots will be swift and painless. We are flexible and are happy to try new things. If you have got poses in mind please make them heard. We will shoot at your wedding, dinner, and reception.

Engagements $150
We remember the giddy happiness, blushing glances, feverish passion, and pure bliss of being an engaged couple. Allow us to relive these moments as we capture yours through our lens.
1-2 Hour session with 2 locations.

Bridals $100
Capturing the exquisite beauty of a new bride is key. The beauty of the dress, colors of the bouquet, and the glimmer of the accessories should pale in comparison to the sweet elegance that is you.
1-2 Hour session with 2 locations. You are welcome to bring props, including the groom.

{Wedding Package} $650
This package includes engagement, bridal, and wedding packages. The Diamond Package will give you the benefit of a uniform style of photography and a developed relationship with us as your photographers. In addition to the three sessions we will include 3 uniquely different, custom designed, wedding announcements. Plus one 8x10 print of your choice.

Family Portraits $100
Posing for a professional photographer is difficult for some. We are willing to come along to a family activity that you love to do, this will result in a more relaxed atmosphere. Locations are encouraged to be supplied by the family though we look for great locations every day.
1 Hour session with 1 location for families with less than 10 people. Each additional family member is $10. Additional locations can be requested.

Senior Portraits $75
We remember what it was like to be a senior wanting the most unique photos. Our goal is to bring out your individual personality and emphasize on things that bring you joy. We have a handful of various unique locations and are willing to try any that you want to travel to.
2 Hour session with 3 locations. Feel free to bring props (guitar, snowboard, ballet shoes, etc...) Additional locations and time may be requested

Children $50
A child's bright smile can lift anyones spirits, and is one of the happiest sights on earth. We would love to join your child in playing with their favorite toys, peek-a-boo, or exploring outside (what they do best).
1 Hour session with 2 locations. Each additional sibling is $10. Please bring props (favorite toy, blanket, book, etc...)

Newborn $50
Bringing a new life into this world is one of the greatest joys on this earth. The innocence, purity and perfection of those first few weeks of life. The newborn session is usually done within the first month. During this month many changes occur and they grow up so quickly. Allow us to capture them while they are as you see them... Perfect.
1 Hour session done in house. We ask that you bring your little one with a happy, full belly. We are easy to work with and will allow for time to soothe, change, or a mid session feeding. You are welcome to bring props.

Maternity $75
We believe that pregnancy is a truly beautiful thing and that nothing exceeds the beauty of a pregnant body. During your session we will strive to capture that exquisite gift.
1 Hour session with 2 locations. Feel free to bring props (ultrasound photos, newborn clothing, husband, etc...)

Climbing/ Artwork
Prints of climbing and artwork can be requested. Refer to the prints link for prices on usual sizes.

All sessions come with a disk of your images to cut costs and environmental impact of printing proofs.
Any and all other sessions not listed above can be requested and priced accordingly.
Returning clients receive a 20% discount.
Referrals are eligible for a free 8x10 print from one of their previous or future sessions.
Hardcover leather photo books are available starting at $300.
**All prices are subject to change at the discretion of the artists.**


We take pride in our artwork and believe they deserve high quality printing.  We would appreciate handling any and all of your printing through our professional studio.  All prints are coated with a coating to protect them from UV and other damage.

5x7 = $6
8x10 = $10
11x14 = $20
16x20 = $60
20x30 = $120
30x40 = $200

We also offer canvas prints and wraps, photo books, and gift cards.

Prices listed are for prints on semi gloss photo paper. All other prints and sizes can be requested and tailored to your individual needs.  Quotes available upon request.  A base price of $40 will also be charged for all orders.  Package deals are made daily.  Prices are subject to change without notice.


Jentri and Corey were married in February of 2008 and they like to keep their love alive by working together in photo shoots.  Jentri has a keen eye for the details and keeps Corey on his feet with the edits.  Corey is a free spirited, fun loving person.  Together they pursue perfection in their art.  They strive be easy to work with and understanding of any of their client's personal needs.


We are available most anytime and are willing to travel to most anywhere.  To assure your desired time please book your session at least one month in advance.  Travel costs will vary depending on the location.



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