Yellowstone's Final Installment.

Old Faithful Lodge

Afro Bison!  Nice bed-head.

It is unlawful to leave the path.

Fumerols creating steam that froze and created this awesome snow drift.

Reflection of clouds near Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic bacterial mats with litter from a visitor.  Can you find the debris?

Random couple..... good shot.

This post had a lot of photos.  There are a lot that were good to share.  This was a well needed trip with family and was a wonderful time had by all.  Everyone's favorite memory was by far Castle Geyser.  My most fond memory was the Grizzly Bear.  All of my childhood I have wanted to see a bear in Yellowstone, and finally I was able!  Thank you to Ken Ockler for loaning me all of his camera gear.  Thank you to my loving wife for being such a trooper and supporting me in my passion for photography.  I hope you all enjoy the photos from this trip.  Keep watching because there are more trips yet to come!


Bears, Waterfalls, and Terraces Yellowstone Part 3

Adolescent Grizzly near Artist Paint Pots

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is quite the sight.

The Upper Falls

The great Lower Falls

Mammoth Terraces

My nieces Sarah and Lindsay

My niece Emilie

Yes, We were lucky enough to see a Grizzly Bear up close and personal. Only 20 feet off the road. I was a bit nervous getting out of my car to shoot it. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is a sight to behold! The Lower Falls is a grand spectacle and can been admired from a deck at the brink of the falls. As a child I remember Mammoth Terraces being more lively and pretty than now. Though it is amazing to walk around there and think of what it all use to look like. It was fun to go through the park with my family. Family is such an important thing to me.


Yellowstone Part 1

Bacterial Mats of Grand Prismatic Spring

Gas station in West Yellowstone

Misty dew on Fountain Paint Pots board walk

Bison along Firehole River

Castle Geyser in Old Faithful Geyser Basin

The greatest attraction of the trip for most was this last photo of Castle Geyser.  We sat and watched it go off for over an hour straight!  It produced the most beautiful rainbow with the full spectrum.  There were a lot of opportunities to shoot buffalo and other wondrous thermal features.  The first photo is of Grand Prismatic Spring, 2 years ago when Jentri and I went people had written in the beautiful bacterial mats destroying them.  I was glad to see that all of the writing had disappeared.  Such vandalism is horrible!


Kings in Yellowstone

This is but the first installment of many of our vacation to the great national park of Yellowstone.  Yellowstone is an amazing park that no matter how many times I visit it leaves me in awe.  It was our nation's first national park, and the largest thermally active area in the world.  There was a lot of great opportunities for amazing photos.  Fortunately, I was able to go through the park with the majority of my family, so I had to shoot as we went along.  I was not able to sit around and wait for the show or good lighting.  None the less, I was able to capture some of the beauty that is Yellowstone.


Kylan Baby Announcements

These are our baby announcements that my wife designed.

Studio Finals

So, here are the photos in my final portfolio for my Intro to Studio class.  This last week has been crazy with all of my final projects coming due.  With weather getting nicer and the sunshine actually showing it's face I'm itching to get outside and shoot some photos outdoors instead of being stuck in a dark room.
This is my texture photo.

This is my "box" shaped photo.

My glass photo.

Here is my metal photo. This one was by far the hardest!

My casual 3/4 portrait.

And my 3/4 formal portrait.

I am glad that this class is over and will breathe a deep sigh of relief once I hand this portfolio in.  I have learned so very much from this class and have enjoyed every bit of it.