Bears, Waterfalls, and Terraces Yellowstone Part 3

Adolescent Grizzly near Artist Paint Pots

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is quite the sight.

The Upper Falls

The great Lower Falls

Mammoth Terraces

My nieces Sarah and Lindsay

My niece Emilie

Yes, We were lucky enough to see a Grizzly Bear up close and personal. Only 20 feet off the road. I was a bit nervous getting out of my car to shoot it. The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone is a sight to behold! The Lower Falls is a grand spectacle and can been admired from a deck at the brink of the falls. As a child I remember Mammoth Terraces being more lively and pretty than now. Though it is amazing to walk around there and think of what it all use to look like. It was fun to go through the park with my family. Family is such an important thing to me.

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