My happy Boy.

This is my happy boy on his 6 month birthday.  We spent it with about 200 family members our reunion.


Dam Boulders

Near Rexburg, Idaho is a new development called the Dam Boulders.  Well...... actually and old development refound and still being expanded.  My good friend Dean Lords and his wife Heather decided to take my wife and I down to show us around.
Chad Jr. on The Thing That Only Eats Hippies

Heather getting ready to top out The Thing...

Heather being an AWESOME baby sitter allowing my wife to give the new problem a shot.

Dean Lords hiking the easy line on the newly established Cheese Wedge boulder.

Heather Lords styling it up on the same easy line.
The Dam Boulders have a lot of potential for new problems and some great, epic FA's.  One should give them a check out if ever in the area


Summer Hibernation

Yes, earlier this summer I have been off on hibernation.  From photography that is.  My world was filled with travels and work, mostly work.  This cabin is where I spent most of my summer.  It is my uncle's 8 bedroom, 4 bathroom cabin.  We were hired to install a kitchen and hardwood floors in it this summer.  Hence the large gaps in my posts.  I am back to civilization, my computer, camera, and have got a few posts coming up.