Perfect white balance ALL of the time?

I use to think that perfect white balance was the way of the "pros" and that I needed expensive equipment or hassle with grey cards to achieve such great quality.  Oh, how I have been wrong.  My friend, Ken Ockler, let me borrow this spiffy device called the Expo Disc when I travelled to Yellowstone.  He instructed me as to how to use it and told me it would make a HUGE difference to my results.  At first I was a bit skeptical but I tried it anyway.  This little disk was a god send!!!  It works miracles with your image results!  Sadly I had to return it to him, but this shall be my next photography purchase, and should be anyone else's as well if you don't already have it!  I cannot rant and rave enough about this plastic miracle disc.  Check them out!  They are also fairly inexpensive.

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Alea said...

My "photography purchase" list keeps getting longer all the time! Haha... Thanks for sharing!